Trucking Jobs: How a Recruiter Can Help You

Find the right trucking job can be difficult for beginners who are unfamiliar with the trucking industry’s subculture and nuances. However, there are definite benefits to working with a trucking recruiter.

Position Knowledge
A trucking recruiter will be a fountain of employment knowledge regarding every trucking job and company. For example, they will be able to explain the exact meaning of the home-time policy. That is, many long-haul drivers are typically promised one day off a week, but the contractual definition of one day can sometimes be purposely vague. For example, some trucking companies only start counting time off after the final load has been delivered, even if it is at night in an isolated area.

Trucking recruiters will also be able to introduce the major lanes, routes and regions. This is important to know, because truckers should carefully choose their employer based on where they live in order to easily access fueling and maintenance. For example, a trucker who lives in a rural area will actually benefit in the long-run from working with a local employer, even if they only pay an average salary. Lastly, the trucking recruiter can introduce the type of truck that will be used. This is critical because comfort and convenience are very important for long-haul routes. Therefore, the trucking recruiter will be able to find the right employers who offer a sleeper in the trucker and air-ride suspension.

Pay and Benefit Knowledge
Truck recruiters will be able to confirm if the position comes with layover pay, which accrues when drivers must unexpectedly wait between scheduled loads for reasons beyond their control. On the other hand, driver pay scales are sometimes deceptively advertised. Therefore, be sure to calculate the pay in actual cents per mile. Armed with this knowledge, the trucker will be able to make an appropriate employment decision based on where they live. For example, getting paid 60 cents a mile is very lucrative, unless the person lives in a highly congested city with expensive fuel prices.

Benefits are another major point that the trucking recruiter will be able to clarify. After talking with a trucking recruiter, the candidates will be able to analyze how many average miles per month, the cents per mile that they will be paid and what the personal road expenses will be. Some trucking companies full coverage for medical, dental and vision insurance. In the end, as the insurance coverage decreases, the cents per mile pay should increase. Finally, it’s important to ask about trucking bonuses because the best companies will offer bonuses for high performance and a good driving record. Some companies even offer sign-on bonuses.

Overall, talking with a recruiter is very beneficial because they have the right industry experience, knowledge and connections.