Need Bachelor Party Ideas? New Orleans is the Perfect Place

So, not only have you decided to take the plunge and get married, but you’ve also decided to have your bachelor’s party in New Orleans. Historically known for its fantastic food and all-night bars, it seems that you can’t walk 15 feet within the French Quarter without stumbling upon a bachelor party. And although this may be true, keep in mind that all bachelor parties are not the same. For this reason, if you have decided to say goodbye to the single life, there is no better place to do it than in New Orleans.

When To Hit The Highway

Known for over-the-top parties during Mardi Gras, the word moderation isn’t typically associated with New Orleans. Carnival is the “party season” in New Orleans and runs from the 12th through Fat Tuesday. Things usually are a tad more insane during Mardi Gras. If you decide to have your bachelor’s party during this time, you will be privy to super cool parades, music and probably more than one set of party beads. Take note that the date for Mardi Gras changes yearly, so be sure to plan ahead.

If you are a jazz lover, the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May is the perfect time to hit the road and experience your last few days as a single man crooning to down home rhythm and blues.

Other Things To Tickle Your Fancy

After you have danced until dawn and eaten one too many crayfishes, you can set off on a scooter and see what else New Orleans has to offer. If you are adventurous, why not head down to the Bayou in search of the Swamp People.

Go Commando

You can throw caution to the wind and say Ciao to bachelorhood by visiting a “clothing optional” pool at The Country Club. This adventure may be best undertaken after you tasted a few of the delicious daiquiris at St. Lawrence beforehand.

Chow Time

If all of the dancing, touring the city and sunbathing in the buff has worked up an appetite, why not head over to Port of Call for the best hamburgers in Louisiana? If you are looking to redeem yourself and dine in a more refined manner, you can reserve a spot at La Boca, one of the finest steakhouses in New Orleans.

The Finale

To wrap things up and have a bachelor’s party you will never forget, a trip to Bourbon Street is mandatory. With tons of bars, the options might seem a bit overwhelming. Pace yourself and enjoy every minute of it.