9 Career Tips for Women in Business

With more women enrolling in college than ever, it seems surprising that it is still very rare to see a woman in a top post at a Fortune 500 company. Although women have come a long way, it does appear that the glass ceiling still needs some more preparation before it shatters. Indeed, it is only a matter of time. However, there are a few career tips that can help women to succeed in business, even in male-dominated fields.

1. Stop saying sorry
Studies have shown that women are more likely to apologize for things that aren’t their fault when in a work environment. However, don’t feel bad if it’s a difficult habit for you to break at first. This is such a prevalent problem that an app’s even been developed to stop women from saying the dreaded “s word”.

2. Lean in
Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has a point, which is why her book quickly became a bestseller—and a rallying cry for businesswomen across the nation. By boldly and assertively making their presence known at business meetings and other work functions, women can move up the ladder more quickly.

3. Find a mentor
Life is too short to make all of the mistakes yourself. Make it a habit to talk to someone who has experience navigating the ropes of your industry.

4. Learn how to take a compliment
Graciously accepting a compliment will make it clear that you believe your accomplishments are worthy of merit.

5. Make yourself known around the office
Whether it’s setting up happy hours with higher-ups or reaching out to people in different departments, don’t be afraid to make it known that you are interested in taking on more responsibility at work.

6. Don’t be afraid to call out male colleagues in meetings
Men usually have no problem making their opinions known in public forums; follow their example and make your voice heard at meetings, especially if you disagree with something that’s being said. Make your influence known.

7. Make your differences into strengths
Even if you’re in an industry that is dominated by men, you must realize that as a woman you possess inherent strengths that set you apart from the others. For instance, women are usually heralded for their communication skills. Mould these skills into your trademark, making a name for yourself at work.

8. Take initiative, but don’t let others pile work onto you
While you should be enthusiastic about taking on new projects, learn to recognize what activities will be beneficial for your career development as a whole.

9. Pass on your knowledge to another woman
No matter how small you think your achievements may be, there’s probably a woman in your office who can benefit from your experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out to her and pay it forward. Take the lead and contribute to the cause of helping other women.