5 Essential Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Should Have

When it comes to planning a wardrobe, there are five wardrobe pieces that every woman should own. Whether a woman works full-time goes to school or is a stay-at-home mom, every woman needs to own a nice blazer, a little black dress, a pant or skirt suit, a great trenchcoat and a nice pair of jeans as well.

Item #1 – A Good Blazer

A good solid and blazer is an essential piece of clothing that every woman should own because it can be worn with just about anyting and is a nicer alternative to a sweater. What is great about blazer are that they really can be worn anywhere and work with practically any top, skirts, jeans and dress pants. In addition, a nice solid blazer can also be dressed up to look like a traditional suit by pairing it with a pair of pumps, fancy blouse and nice skirt or dress pants.

Item #2- A Nice Black Dress

Another essential wardrobe piece that every woman should own is a nice black dress. Some women have more othan one different type of black dress in their closet. These dresses are are great piece to own because they can be worn absolutely anywhere. Whether you choose a short or long sleeve black dress, the black dress is a must. What makes the black dress the perfect choice is is the perfect dress that looks good with any pump, shoes and accessories.

Item #3- A Good Suit

Every women needs a good suit that they can wear to the office and formal events. Having a nice suit that can be worn every season is an excellent choice, so women do not have to buy separate suits for summer, fall, winter and spring. These suits are the perfect addition to any women’s wardrobe whether they work for a living, are a student or stay-at-home.

Item #4-A Really Nice Pair of Jeans

Every woman needs a nice pair of jeans that can be worn with a nice blouse, shirt, a blazer, or a sweater. A nice pair of jeans should look similar to a dark pair of black pair of dressy pants that ca be worn with heels, boots, sneakers or any other shoe. Dressy jeans make the perfect addition to a wardrobe because they are the perfect alternative to dress pants.

Item #5-A Trenchcoat

A trenchcoat is a must for women no matter where a woman lives. Although trenchcoats are perfect for rainy weather, they can also be worn on days where you might need a little jacket instead. Unlike traditional bulky winter coats, trenchcoats are not designed to make a woman look great in whatever she decides to wear.

If you are updating your wardrobe, then you should definitely plan on having five essential pieces in their wardrobe. In addition to the perfect blazer, a black dress, a great suit, nice pair of jeans and the perfect trench coat, woman should always make sure they have a great pair of shoes and accessories that compliment their brand new look.