4 Cheap Solutions for Personal Beauty in a Pinch

Keeping up with personal beauty doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time and money. There are plenty of alternative approaches that you can take to achieve great results with half the effort. Most of these solutions include products that you already have handy. Next time you’re feeling lazy or find yourself scrambling around in a panic because you only have 10 minutes to get ready for work, remember these 4 tips and breathe.

Settling Frizzy Hair

I am aware that there are plenty of drugstore beauty products I could purchase to help me look less like The Bride of Frankenstein; however, there is a cheaper alternative: Hand lotion. Yes, that little tube sitting at the bottom of your purse can settle even the frizziest of hairs. Be careful not to use too much to avoid greasiness that makes your hair seem dirty. Work a bead or two of lotion into your hair and it will flatten immediately. If the lotion is scented, your hair will not only look great, it will smell great too!

Quick Makeup Removal

In the evening, you may find it hard to muster the energy it takes to remove the layers of makeup plastered on your face. Since it’s damaging to your skin to leave makeup on overnight, it is a chore that must be done. Otherwise, you could end up with clogged pores and mascara smeared pillows. Washing your face every night with special soaps can be costly and time-consuming. But, did you know you could use baby wipes? At only $3 a box, baby wipes really do save the day. They are gentle on skin and wipe away makeup without ever going near the bathroom sink. If you already have a child sporting diapers, you’re set! Just wipe, then sleep.

Homemade Lip Scrub

For those of you who enjoy getting crafty, you’ll have a lot of fun with this one. Most of us suffer from crusty and dry lips at some point. There are plenty of lip scrub recipes floating around the internet that help eliminate that problem. Some are fairly simple but take up time. To make an efficient lip scrub, look no further than your pantry. All you need is sugar and honey. Mix them together, then apply the mixture to your lips using your finger. Scrub off that crusty dead skin, then rinse. You’ll have smooth, kissable lips in no time.

Annoying Dry Skin

Whether it’s a dry patch on your face or painfully cracked hands, you are bound run into dry skin every once in a while. Even those of us who apply skin lotion ritually somehow end up with itchy, flaky skin. Apply a few drops of Olive oil to the affected area and rub it gently into the skin. It will calm itching and pain, as well as heal the skin due to the fact that it is packed with vitamin E.